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Thanks for your interest in Called Journal!  This is a new concept that we kicked off last year with a sample issue  / design concept.  We have retooled and learned some things and are relaunching with a new name, thus Called Journal.   We  are hoping the new concept will broaden the focus and be more inclusive.  Called Journal is a Christian World View, family oriented journal, designed with a family discipleship focus that is dedicated to highlighting people who are called to bring the Gospel to bear on contemporary issues in culture with a view to the family in western society.  Family Discipleship, simply defined, is an understanding that the primary place for spiritual life and formation is the home, and that the church and other structures of society, such as government and education,  are to supplement the home and not supplant it.  So, Called Journal is publication for every Christian family in America!   We will have an intentional focus on music, movies, missions and  theology, with a view toward  the younger generations, whether they are single or just getting started building their own families.   We intend to publish quarterly and our new focus will emphasize nine core values which are detailed in the article on this inaugural issue.  Please subscribe in on the subscription button to the right.


We intend to cover a variety of topics that touch today’s Christian families.  We will discuss music and media with many gifted musicians, film makers, and scripturally minded people who are hoping to be on the cutting edge of making a difference in our world.

The magazine is quite broad in scope and will appeal to every local church,  to families that are involved in ministries of all kinds, and to people seeking to use their gifts to impact the world for Christ.  There will be an emphasis on discipleship, understanding Scripture, a return to theology in the home,  and our interface with media and culture.   The magazine will have an intentional national focus and from its inception seek to unify and network people in all 50 states who share these interests.

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