If you haven’t watched the above video please do.  It explains our Media Evangelism and Discipleship opportunity:  In a nutshell it goes like this:
Lets face it, we are not all evangelists and big disciple makers.  We may not be very bold, organized, or street savvy when it comes to sharing our faith, but here’s what we can all do.  We can invest in someone we love and care about and give the gift of  the Gospel and God s Word to them.  We want to make that very easy, fun, and inexpensive for you to do.  Here’s how it works.

We are going to give you 20 CD’s for $100 and we are asking you to strategically give them away as prayer targets and gifts of Christian generosity and kindness.  Think about it. When you give something to someone you are saying “I care about you” or “You matter to me.”  When people receive a gift they feel blessed and valued, something we greatly need in our world.  You give these to your friends, work associates, that teller at the convenience store, the troublemaker at work, that waitress you see frequently, your barber or hairstylist.  Tell them you are praying for them and do it!  Now here’s the cool part.

Follow up in  a week or two.  Let the Word of  God in the music work in the hearts and minds and then ask “How did you like that CD?  Any of  those songs of particular interest to you?  Did you watch any of their Youtube Videos?” etc.  It gives you a chance to follow up with a meaningful conversation and a dialogue about spiritual things.  How about one step further. Invite them to an event through your church or circle of Christian friends.  “Come to this concert our church is having, or My pastor is starting a new sermon series this week I can save  you a seat… I think you would enjoy it, or We are doing a bible study at… We would love to have you come.”

Here’s what we hope to get out of this in addition to many people connecting with God through His Word in song.  Your local ministry will be built up and invested in.  We hope people will love our music and take a few “next steps”.  Next steps could include watching our Youtube video’s, visiting our website, ordering additional CD’s or other materials, attending a concert when we are in town, and liking our facebook page.   So by partaking of this offer you are sharing the Love of Christ with your community and at the same time assisting to promote Durocher Family Ministries.

Let’s start investing in people and start sharing the Love!   Just click the link to order 20 Cds for $100.00.  These are great CD’s with 7 original songs that will greatly bless and inspire.

Thanks for your support of Durocher Family Ministries.