Durocher Family Ministries exists to serve the Lord as a Family with our gifts and talents; to encourage the Body of Christ; to preach the  Gospel; to assist local churches in putting on successful events of both outreach to the lost, and Christian discipleship; to promote Biblical family roles and relationships, and to preserve and protect our county’s family values which flow out of the historic Christian faith of our  American heritage.


Messages that we bring forth include many of the following:

  • God’s ultimate goal for marriage is one man and one woman together for life.
  • Divorce is not the answer for those in struggling relationships.
  • Joy comes from following God’s ways in our most vital relationships of the Family.
  • Husbands need to Love their wives and wives need to respect their husbands. (Eph. 5)
  • Fathers shouldn’t frustrate their kids with anger and children must honor their parents.
  • Sexual intimacy is a joy in a marriage relationship and outside of marriage it is immorality and will lead to incredible pain and
  • human suffering.
  • There is forgiveness, hope, and restoration in Jesus Christ for ones failures in relationships.
  • Parents need to take responsibility for the training of their children ( fulfillment of Deut. 6 and Prov. 6:22) Many pastors and folks
  • reading this may be nervous about these ‘home schooling parents’ coming in to their church and making people feel guilty for not
  • home schooling. We don’t do that. We hardly mention home education, other than perhaps that we do it, but we leave some of
  • these deeper issues for our printed literature for those who wish to take further steps and find out more about our lives and
  • motivations.

We also exist to instruct God’s people to seek to be obedient to all of the things that He has commanded us until He comes again. (See
Matthew 28:19-20).

Frequent messages of our music and testimonies also include some of the following:

  • God is real and He can be trusted today.
  • God shows up and does miracles in our lives, even today, through prayer and our abiding fellowship with Him
  • Surprising Joy can be experienced as we learn to trust our loving heavenly Father and walk in obedience to Him
  • Through entrepreneurism we promote and godly creativity versus statism, governmental control, dependency, and passivity.
  • We also promoting financial freedom and the principles of financial stewardship in the home and society.

The venues we use are:
Church concerts, outreach / in-reach or discipleship, Sunday morning worship times with music and instruction, music fairs and festivals, community and county fairs, prison ministries, homeless shelters, public music concerts, recorded music, & printed materials.

Churches We Work With:
We are conservative evangelical believers who hold to the fundamentals of the orthodox Christian faith. Our preference and desire is to work with churches who fall in this realm. Often times in the process of proclaiming the Gospel and following Christ into highways and byways of life we find that doors in conservative circles are closed. On the contrary, often times those of a broader theological perspective are open to our ministry and message. As such, we see these as opportunities to preach Christ and to bring God’s truth to bear in all these circles of influence. (This also includes both Christian and secular events as we find ourselves involved in a number of entertainment venues annually as well as ministry events.)

If you are uncomfortable with some of the places and types of people we find ourselves ministering in and among, that’s OK – so are we sometimes! We try to be obedient to the Spirit of God as to which opportunities to pursue and which we feel we should not participate in. That being said, we do NOT participate in fellowship or outreach activities with known cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons, to name a few. We also have chosen not to perform music in venues that support values contrary to the core of Christian teaching and lifestyle such as modern day casino’s. Although many Christian entertainers utilize these venues we feel the negative impact of their association with drinking and gambling far outweigh any benefits of ‘reaching’ people who frequent these places. This is another reason we desire to bring good Christian music, message, and entertainment to the local church.

We desire all of our interactions be grace filled, humble, and respectful of our hosts history, traditions, theological positions, and cultural understandings, while holding firmly to a relatively narrow personal perspective on absolute truth and biblical revelation. If you would like to discuss any of these issues please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions. More information and our doctrinal statement can be found on our website below. Call today to schedule an event of eternal impact…. You’ll be glad you did!