The world is rapidly changing and the church isn’t exactly winning the culture war! Parents need sound, biblical, and tested strategies to successfully navigate the complexity of today’s post Christian culture and it’s affect on children and the family. In this five hour seminar Pastor and author Paul Durocher will provide some proven answers to some of these modern day complexities.

  • How do we keep our kids Christ centered without falling into legalism?
  • How can we establish a thoroughly Christian World View?
  • How can we engage the culture without falling off the edge and becoming worldly?
  • How do we ferret the college maze?
  • What about Facebook, Youtube, and Internet?
  • What am I to think about tattoos?

In this very practical 5 hour seminar, Paul Durocher and the Durocher Family offer tried and tested wisdom from Scripture and real life experiences of raising 12 children over the past 32 years. With 7 girls and 5 boys, and the heart of a pastor/teacher, Paul shares Scripture and insights that today’s Christian parents need to raise godly and successful children in a climate of contemporary adversity.

  • Session 1. Living in a World of Radical Unbelief (It’s not the world it used to be)
  • Session 2 How Ideas Influence Events (An in depth look at the flow of ideas and world views that have created our post modern culture and how they compare with Scripture)
  • Session 3 Practical Keys to Raising Godly and Successful Children
  • Session 4 Christian Marriage: A Much Needed Tune Up In Relationships and Sexuality
  • Session 5 Panel Discussion: The Durocher Family Open Forum

Parents and youth will want to watch sessions 1-3 together and discuss contents. Also suitable for larger group discussion. Session 5 is directed solely toward married couples and deals largely with marital roles and sexuality within marriage.


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