What is a successful event? A successful event is one which is well attended, people are edified in their relationship with God, and the gospel is presented to offer eternal salvation through Jesus Christ in clear and relevant terms. Additionally, some side benefits of a successful event will include:

  • The local church is built up and people have a good time.
  • New faces are present and provide a ‘fishing pond’ for local folks for future relationship building and evangelistic opportunities.
  • Durocher Family Ministries meets its ongoing financial obligations and is able to continue to minister.
  • Great materials of music, sound theological literature, and relevant DVD movies gets into the hands of people for their continued growth and edification long after Durocher Family Ministries events have ended.
  • The Church gets great community visibility and ongoing positive reputation through hosting a great event and having lots of name recognition in the community through posters, invites and advertising.

Durocher Family Ministries is committed to making a difference and assisting local churches in hosting successful events. Let’s face it, churches today are struggling and we need to do all we can to help medium to smaller churches be successful in hosting great events. Also, because we generally do not charge for what we do but operate on a faith basis, the following guidelines will put dynamics in place that will maximize our potential to recoup our overhead and meet the income needs of our ministry.

Additionally, these will also insure a great event for everyone. We hope to implement these guidelines for all churches hosting our events that are not on Sunday mornings:
1. Churches network with a minimum of two other churches in the community to promote the event.
2. Churches appoint a volunteer coordinator to organize the event, spearhead promotions, and be the contact point between DFM and the local church.
3. Churches purchase and distribute our promotional package which is professionally printed glossies shipped to your door consisting of 100 posters, 20 large posters, and 1200 personal invites.

Event Details:
Arrival: Minimal set up time is 3 hours before the event, ideally four hours. Someone should be there to open up.
Staging & Equipment: The Durocher’s bring all music and sound equipment and lighting to most every show. Occasionally in larger and newer facilities we will drop a line to churches sound system to utilize the house speakers. We always do all of our own mixing. If adequate stage lighting is available we will consider using it instead of our own.
Hospitality: Often times we need a place to stay. We don’t mind staying at the church building. We travel with cots and blowup mats for these occasions. If there is someone who would like to host us at their home that would be appreciated as well. We usually have mom, dad, and the younger children sleep in the motor home. Sleeping for six others could be desirable if convenient. Hosts would have to provide transportation to and from the church after the event or in the morning. A place to shower or do a quick load of laundry the next day is sometimes a need. A host home nearby could fulfill this need. If churches wanted to provide hotel accommodations, two rooms with double beds would suffice. Anyone wishing to provide any meals while we are there would be appreciated but certainly not a condition of our coming. We eat most any foods and try to avoid high sugary foods. We try to eat very healthy while on the road. We enjoy salads and fruit and have no dietary restrictions.  Internet connectivity is essential so having someone prepared to provide internet passwords is very helpful.  A 50 amp motor home breaker is heavenly but not required.
Finances: Most of what we do is on an event free will offering basis with the church contributing as well. For special events requested by ministries or events of a more intentionally outreach oriented nature, we usually agree on an honorarium in advance. If this is your preference rather than receiving an offering please communicate your wishes in this regard. Additional and more specific information on financing of events is available upon request.

Contact Information Needed: (Please provide the following information on the online form below .)

  • Churches Name and Address
  • Church Email Contact
  • Church Phone
  • Sr. Pastor’s Phone & Cell Phone & email
  • Designated Contact Person’s Name, address, Phone Number, Cell Phone, and email
  • Sound Technicians’ phone and cell phone
  • Details of the event: Time, duration, expected attendance, location, special considerations.

  PO Box 170 Grand Rapids MN 55744 |  PH: (218) 259-5166

Note: None of this stuff is completely set in stone. After touring full time for seven years, and with 11 people on the road, we have found these to be things that will assist local churches in being successful and at the same time assisting us in having our basic needs met while touring as a family. Feel free to discuss any options or ideas that you may have in these regards.

If you are committed to hosting an event, please fill out the online form below.  Save it when you are through, and email it to pauldmn@hotmail.com

Event Information Form Online Version

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